April 20 to 21, 2024

Baltimore North/

Tell-Tale Steampunk

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Real Steampunk: masters in metal and mayhem. A century of perfecting infernal devices

Professor Moriarty's Classroom (Salon #1)

Want to go down a rabbit hole of technological change? My panel is for the arms enthusiasts interested in the weapons of the Victorian era. I'm a collector specialising in firearms technology and have a comprehensive collection of antiques which show that not all steampunk is just fantasy. In one century we went from flintlock […]

Nat 20- Dice Making (Part Two)

This is an exciting new class where you can learn how to create your own dice for table top gaming! The molds are hand-made by Kristen Neathery and available for purchase after the class if you so desire. You can learn different pouring techniques for different looks and effects with combinations of alcohol inks, mica […]

Specialized Restoration

Professor Moriarty's Classroom (Salon #1)

Amazing restoration are possible! Tindell's Restoration Studios specializes in the conservation and restoration of various artworks and precious items including oil paintings, works on paper, maps, books, textiles, graphics, photos, frames, sculptures, figurines, crystal, glass, as well as rare and unusual items. They will talk about preserving and restoring lost treasures and images. www.TindellsRestorationStudios.com   […]