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Poly-Props US

Welcome to Poly-Props US, your ultimate destination for top-quality coatings, primers, and paints designed to elevate your creative projects!      

Unleash your creativity with Hex Flex Paints – where innovation meets imagination! Our revolutionary paint line offers a spectrum of vibrant colors designed to transform any surface into a canvas of unlimited possibilities.    Explore our exclusive HexArt Flexible Aerosols line specifically crafted to prepare surfaces for optimal adhesion and flexibility. Our store offers a wide range of Hexart flexible aerosols and Hexart flexible metallic aerosols, providing artists and creators with versatile options for innovative projects.    Dive into our Valour Matt and Satin Gloss coatings, meticulously formulated to provide a flawless finish with durability & flexibility in mind. Achieve your desired aesthetic with ease using our Studio Range High Gloss options, delivering a professional sheen to your projects.    Unleash your creativity with our Hexstyle Acrylics, offering a spectrum of vivid colors and a versatile medium for various applications.

With HexFlex, HexArt, and HexStyle paints, embrace your inner artist and reimagine your world. Elevate your projects, unleash your creativity, and make every stroke count. Step into a world of endless possibilities – your canvas awaits!